Biomedical Students' Symposium in Göttingen

Welcome to the official homepage of the 2015 Biomedical Students' Symposium in Göttingen!

This year's spring symposium will take place on 01.05.2015 – 03.05.2015 under the topic „Wissenschaft mit Herz und Hirn“, an idiomatic phrase that we tried to roughly translate into English as „Science with heart and mind“. Following Erlangens Biomedical Student's Symposium in the last year, we are delighted to be hosting this year's spring symposium and are giving our very best to ensure a great experience for everybody. Wishing us all a great time...

 …the students of Molecular Medicine in Göttingen

Attending the symposium costs you 5€ per night and if you like to book lunch on Saturday it'll 5€ you also. We kindly aks you to transfer 30 € to our bank account as deposit. You will get your deposit back during the CheckIn at your arrival. For all who don´t need an accomodation we charge 3 € for attending the party on Saturday".


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