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Your stay - Biomedical Student Symposium 2017

 The registration and the lectures will take place in the lecture hall of psychiatry in the von Siebold-Straße 5

Your Stay


The first question that arises when planning your stay in Göttingen for the symposium is: where can I spend the night? We have organized the following option for you:

You can sleep in the gym of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium, which is located near the city center, about a 20 minutes’ walk from Göttingen University hospital and 15 minutes from the mensa.  Alternatively, you might want to consider couch surfing – a great way to get to know students from here! Please note though that there is only a limited number of placements available. Of course there is also the possibility to book a night in the youth hostel Göttingen or stay with a friend of yours if you prefer to. However, we would like to point out, that this is located further from the hospital, northern campus and town center than the accommodation we have organized for you. Please let us know where you would like to stay when filling out your registration form!

Food and drink

From friday to sunday we are going to provide you with breakfast and some snacks in between the talks. For friday and saturday, you can choose whether you'd like to book lunch in the mensa on the central campus. There will also be a vegetarian and a vegan option available. Please let us know in your registration form! A big thank you to Thiele for sponsoring! Many thanks also to the GWDG (Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen) for sponsoring the posters and flyers.

Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie e.V.



By the way, many thanks to GBM which is sponsoring us!


For those of you who would like to find themselves food during our biomedical spring symposium 2015, here are a few suggestions of opportunities that are popular among hungry students in Göttingen:

"Döner King" makes good Döner for a decent price, sits on the end of Weender Straße like a gateway to the town centre. The "Kartoffelhaus" does not only serve potato dishes as the name might suggest – but food does taste very good there. Mind that the Kartoffelhaus is really popular and thus it is often hard to get a table there! If you want to treat yourself to some homemade noodles – the "Nudelhaus" is one of the few places that still offer them these days. On the downside, dishes are a little pricier here. "Joey's Pizza Service" has often saved busy students from starving – with tasty pizza at almost any time of the day! The "central Uni cafeteria" offers a wide range of dishes and is open on Friday and on Saturday (the exact times for lunch will be added later). If you have a sweet tooth, the café "Cron und Lanz" is without doubt a place you will love for its delicious cakes and other sweet temptations. However, be aware that those come with a chunky price tag...

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